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Our Services

Steven Marquard Investment Advisor is an investment advisory business based in the Bay Area of California. We support both Individuals as an Investment Advisor, and assist Corporations in their Economic Forecasting and Planning.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Individuals: Investment Advisor

  • Stock Investment Planning
  • Portfolio Review and Construction
  • Asset Allocation

Corporate Clients: Economic Forecasting

  • Market Trends
  • Business Cycle Turning Point Forecasting
  • Inflation Trends Forecasting
  • Economic Planning

We use Shareholders Services Group (SSG) as custodian for client assets. We expect to have discretion over client accounts, but not custody. This means that we cannot take possession of client assets, but can instruct SSG to buy or sell without prior client approval. This is a very common practice in the investment advisory industry.

Our Philosophy

When Steven Marquard was the Chief Economist for a large company, and throughout his career as an economist, he successfully anticipated both business cycle turning points and inflation. Many types of investments are strongly affected by the business cycle, including stocks, bonds, most mutual funds, warrants, and index funds. Because of this, we believe such securities can be invested in successfully on a market timing basis through business cycle forecasting. This is a unique, or rather rare approach to investing in securities, and what sets us apart.

By following this approach, we can recommend investments, mainly in securities that closely follow the overall market, such as some mutual funds, some exchange traded funds, and some indexes like S&P Spiders. We strive to anticipate what the general market is going to do by anticipating the business cycle and hold assets that will follow the general trend. For example, by holding cash during bear markets, and buying back in when prices are low, not by trying to pick the tiny number of stocks that will be able to rise in a bear market or recognize the next Microsoft.

Very few investment advisors approach investing this way, but we believe it is the easier and better method. This is not intended to be a stock picking exercise, at which few succeed. We can work as an Investment Advisor for any individual living in the State of California.

We can also work with corporations at business cycle forecasting, to help them with their planning efforts.The same type of analysis is required for both the Individual and Corporate products. Contact us now to find out more about our Corporate services.

Working With Us

For small accounts, an hourly rate of $300/hour would be charged. However the client would be expected to carry out the recommended transactions through a stockbroker.

For large accounts, we provide ongoing account management. Large accounts are billed between sixty five one hundredths of one per cent (.0065) and one percent(.01) of managed balances per year. Larger accounts would get lower rates. Corporations would commit to an annual retainer.

To get started with your free consultation, please use the form or contact information below:

Steven Marquard, CPA





Steven Marquard has degrees from major universities in Chemical Engineering (BS) and Applied Economics (MBA). He has worked successfully as an engineer for a state-of-the-art high tech company, and as the chief economist for a large corporation.